The most beautiful places to get married.

When we think of our wedding, what do we see?

We want it to be special, we want it to be the happiest day of our lives, we want to bring two families together and see them happy too. We want the perfect wedding photos framed on our console tables. Thought and effort go hand in hand to deliver a truly magical wedding day.

With a background in weddings, travel and interiors, I started to research the most beautiful places you could get married.

I hope that my research can make good reference to help couples; to connect couples to what is possible for their special day.

The purpose behind my writing is to deliver a useful and informative resource for weddings of all sizes, large to intimate, and to explore what is possible on various budgets, to achieve the best wedding possible for every bride and groom.

My writing will report and advise not only the detail and beauty of locations and venues, but also where possible, taking precautions for logistics, implications and contingencies needed when planning a wedding, especially overseas, seeking guidance through industry professionals.

A little more about Roxanne…..

The author Roxanne Robinson is currently training with The U.K. Alliance of Wedding Planners to develop Destination Wedding Venues.

Along side university, Roxanne worked during the summer terms for a travel tour operator in Greece. Her graduate career began in wedding tailoring, working with leading wedding suppliers and venues in Cheshire, Roxanne later became a sales consultant for a Spanish wedding dress company.

After spending two years working in her mum’s interiors shop, Roxanne now resides in East Sussex working for an industry led private hospital while continuing her love for weddings, developing wedding planning and design through Destination Wedding Venues.

Roxanne can be contacted directly by email